Serena and Diego, set out to create a collection that evokes attainable luxury combined with sophisticated cool.

A new journey of swimwear fusing the modern way of living with classic timeless style.  Influenced by the opulence of the Baroque era, the iconic cool of the 1970's and today's woman.

Our Founder's childhood was where her love of design was born.  Learning to sew, knit and crochet from a young age, she developed a passion for creating pieces and bringing them to life.  Visiting fabric shops with her mum, she unconsciously became knowledgeable in fabric quality, weights and their uses.

The inception of SERENA DIEGO is designing for today's woman by thoughtfully creating pieces that celebrate the female silhouette. We believe in empowering women to embrace their own beauty, strength, resilience and to live a life with an unapologetic confidence.